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donating points will help me to save up and buy a premium membership. but once I reach that goal, all the leftovers will be given back as contest prizes! all donations are welcome and appreciated, no matter the size! so thank you all in advance c:

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yes that title was clickbait, hopefully it works!
oh hey dA! long time no talk.

it's been about 4 months since my last journal entry here, and I apologize for being away for so long without any forms of communication. I have been on dA in the past few months, but only for lurking purposes. favoriting things here and there, just trying to keep my notifications under 10,000 haha.

now I'm not here to say that I'm "coming back" any time soon. most of my problems from my previous journal have been fixed (or have gotten better at least) but I still do not have the time or materials to draw anymore. by that I mean... I've lost my tablet pen /: but even if I had it, the USB cable connecting my tablet to my computer is shit so drawing is super frustrating.

but there is hope! I recently got the motivation to start drawing again, and I've been sketching out some stuff when I have downtime c: I've decided to bring back some elements of my old style to mix in with some elements of my new one, to help make a new style that I really enjoy drawing in. and I'm actually in the process of redesigning spottie (yes again)! I really like what I've come up with. if you guys are interested, I could show you what I've been working on! along with some other sketches here and there (sometimes I draw fan art and other times I draw OC's I like).

ALSO I had my mind set on working this summer and spending the money I earn to get a new tablet! if that all works out, I should be in the swing of things in late 2015! I'm not making any promises, since I'm sure I'll be busy with SAT's and graduation and colleges and whatnot, but I will definitely have an easier work load considering senior year is more or less a joke when it comes to the amount of effort put into academics. meaning, I'll have more free time to draw and stuff! hopefully for a while!

and some minor updates for those interested in my personal life;
- I turned 17! woo! I'm almost ones of thosde hard-working a-dults!
- I got those wisdom teeth out!
- my family bought a house! and I really love it!
- I made principals (straight A) honor roll this and last semester! nerd status
- I got a new trumpet !!!
- I'm just generally in a better state than I used to be and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out c:

anyway, thank you all for reading and being patient with me!
again, let me know if you're interested in me posting some of my sketches! I'd really appreciate the feedback!

thank you, and hope to talk to you all again soon! love !!
  • Mood: Joy


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Hello I'm new and I was wondering if you can make me a mlp that I can adopt :)
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Thanks for the watch ^^
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Happy birthday!!
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Spottie Spot Spot Spot <3 *leaves love all over your page cause I haven't been online in forever*
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